why would messages in messenger be sent but not delivered

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You may also see a white circle, which means the message is sending, or a white circle with a blue checkmark, which means the message has been sent, but not yet delivered. Contact your carrier for more information. Therefore, in order to sent messages, you need to make sure whether the application is installed on your receiver phone or not. But message showed as being sent and not delivered on both my Mac & Nokia 635 Lumia. This is a new computer, had even refreshed computer, still no luck. When you send a message to a user who is actively on the app, you will see a "delivered" message underneath your text. Just to check if it was maybe the web version. In Whatsapp, delivered messages have grey double ticks under them. In this part, we’ve gathered several obvious reasons why this problem occur. PC is running Norton Internet Security. and then me going wtf it's still showing sent is sent. If the above solution doesn’t work, you can try the following fixes that should work to solve your ‘Message not sent’ problem on your phone. Not your friend. The strictest filter is friends of friends. All my other messages say delivered or seen. I sent a message to a friend of mine using Messenger, around 4 yesterday evening, and it only said "sent" and never changed to "delivered". cannot receive messages, (with messenger app) sent to me via facebook or facebook mobile, yet my messages sent show up, but no replies, very annoying, have unstalled and reinstqlled mail,mess,people app, also disconnected facebook then reconnected, still no luck am so over it, please help. They are noted on messenger as sent, delivered, and seen with no issue and show a check mark on the desktop website with "seen". I know that this person has their phone a lot. 4. You should be able to send a message now. To force stop the app, you can follow the steps as: Go to the Settings menu and open the Application. 0. I sent the message on Facebook Messenger on my MacBook Pro Computer. In the first place, we need to figure out the reasons why Facebook messages sent but not delivered issue appears. You will only see "delivered" once the user has opened the app. Here are some of the reasons why you might be facing that problem: Tap , then tap Try Again. Keep in mind that people you sent a message to may have already seen your message and can still report the conversation. FBNewbie Peon. PLEASE HELP. Some of the most common ones include the following: The recipient may have ignored the message you’ve sent. ; If you send a message to a person that is not your Facebook friends/ Messenger contacts, your messages get in a Message Requests folder and your message will be marked as delivered when the … I do not have the same problem, but Messages.app on HighSierra is at least a little buggy. First, let’s understand why Facebook messages sent but not delivered happens. The message had a link in it. Yesterday I sent a message to the same person. The network might be the first reason as we said earlier. Check the delivery report of the message: You can see if your message has been sent from your phone or if it has reached the receiver’s phone by enabling Delivery reports for SMS. Why do my messages on marketplace get sent but not delivered; Related Help Center FAQs; How do I know if my Facebook message was sent? Why Facebook Message Sent But Not Delivered There can be a lot of instances where you may face the issue of Facebook messenger sent but not delivered message. If you try to send a message and you see with an alert that says Not Delivered, follow these steps: Check your network connection. Enable Send AS SMS. In Facebook messenger, ‘delivered’, ‘sent’ or ‘seen’ is written under the text depending on the status. It says that the message has been sent, but not delivered. I sent a message to a person 2 days ago. Hello all, I have a question: a friend of mine on FB and I have been sending messages to each others back and forth for a while now. How do I remove a message that I've sent on Facebook? I can’t send messages on Marketplace. The only solutions I've seen is that he doesn't have an internet connection, but the problem is he logged onto Facebook last night, yet the message still just says "sent". If you select Remove, then Unsend, people included in the chat won't be able to see the removed message. Discussion in 'Facebook' started by FBNewbie, Aug 11, 2017. If not, that message and the following ones that we send will be shown as not delivered indefinitely. However, on some platforms, you will only see the delivered sign if the receiver allows ‘Message Receive Receipt’. However only on his messages does it say sent but not delievered. "Sent" means that Facebook Messenger has received your message at its servers, and can now deliver it to the recipient. They will remain in a specific section of the recipient pending authorization. You can try to force stop it and restart. What is person is logged on to Facebook and it still says sent but not delivered? Messages sent but not delivered on FB messenger. 4. Windows 10 Pro Version 1709 OS Build 16299.248. I have sent messages both on the desktop website and on messenger to both old friends (like the one above) and new friends I've added since with no issue. Why is my Facebook message payment pending? Skype for Windows 10 version 12.1807.264.0. If you still can’t send the message, tap , then tap Send as Text Message. If the messenger application is not installed on the smartphone, then Facebook Message Sent But Not Delivered. If that network provider doesn’t provide automatic rerouting services, the delivery of the message can fail entirely. It took around 1-2 hours for it to actually show as delivered, ALTHOUGH they had been active! When you send a message to someone, it does not gets delivered to the other side till there is a single tick seen with the message and has not been received by the user till two ticks appear. In the Application Manager, swipe down to see all the applications. Amongst the many answers here I believe that it is best to add on the Block profile, Block messages and ignore messages functions on “Facebook instant messenger “… That of which most people use. This person and I are still Facebook friends. Messages: 3 Likes Received: 0 Best Answers: 0 Trophy Points: 1 #1. Sometimes I will send a text message through my Mac and it will go to the bottom, but when the other person replies it will go above my sent message. My messages take a very long time to get delivered; Why do some messages take a long time to go from sent to del... Why do messages to certain contacts take a long time from se... Related Help Center FAQs; How long does it take to receive money in Facebook messages? Method 3. But the user replied to my message - and my messages after he replied still show as sent but not delivered. However, there can be various other reasons, such as server or settings problem. The recipient might have quickly read your message from the notification or status bar, but the app will not mark it as delivered or seen until the recipient actually opens the conversation with you. Messaging rates may apply. Some SMS messages may be sent to a particular network provider that does not allow the delivery of a message. If they are not a friend- or a friend of a friend, that message will not be delivered. All Windows Updates Applied. … This is a newly reinstalled replacement PC. That was almost 40 hours ago. Sometimes you are not able to send text messages is mainly because of the Message app itself. We know that in Messenger, in order to establish a conversation for the first time with a user, the recipient must accept the first message. When meeting with this matter, you could resort to the following circumstances. iMessage doesn’t say “Delivered” on your iPhone may due to the person you sending the message to has a non-iOS device. So the original message is still sent. Just diagnosed this, this happens when the receiver using Facebook application without Messenger application, OR Receiver have installed Facebook Lite, when receiver using facbook lite, on your side message will showing sent (blue circle), but not delivered till the receiver open your messages. Is there any way they could have read it and you wouldn't know? You can … This thread is locked. But there’s plenty of reasons why a message sent isn’t a message delivered, ... Sending messages to users that have opted out will result in those messages not being delivered. It will happen many times in a row, causing all my text messages to appear below the other person's. Instant Messages not being delivered - each message status says "Sending..." No instant messages sent from Skype for Windows 10 are received by anyone or seen on my other devices. I sent new messages but it's still being shown as sent on my Facebook messenger app, I sent it from the web, and then my phone. If you've sent a message to a user who has exited the app, your message will appear as "sent." Why Facebook Messages Sent But Not Delivered . I'm not blocked by the friend otherwise it should have given me a message. Sending a link in your text messages raises a red flag. Now, look for the Messaging app in the list and click on it when you find it. As mentioned above, there are many different reasons why your messages are sent but not delivered even your friend is seen to be active on Facebook. They have been active many times after that. The one I sent after saying i have no idea if you got the message, is still sent. The person receiving the message is probably on an android phone. 1. Part 1: Why do Facebook messages be sent but not delivered? To curb with the issue, we need to first understand what are the reasons that could have led to the Facebook message being sent but not delivered.

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