. You may also get materials to enhance ships as well as treasures. - Frosted Black Stone, for level 6-10 enhancement. News Events Updates Wiki Enhance calculator. Whenever a Special Barter happens, a system message will be displayed. Although it looks useless, it might bring good luck if you collect them.※ How to obtain: Reward for [Daily] quests at Oquilla's Eye. Ships in the world of Black Desert are differentiated into small and large. The Volley skill has different cooldown times depending on the ship, and you cannot get off of a ship during the Volley skill's cooldown time. This quest chain can be started with the Black Spirit at level 50 with the quest “Vigorous Velia”. 5 trade goods at the Currency Exchange. EXP received is increased depending on the number of sailors on board your ship. It was given as a gift of appreciation for helping people at Oquilla's Eye. For example, you will receive 60% x 2 = 120% EXP if you have 2 sailors on board. As you proceed with bartering, you can be offered a special barter from the bartering NPCs of each island at a low chance. Underwater Story Quest Chain Requirements: Often, if you are by a beach, it will put you there. Due to the waves from Oquilla's Eye, large numbers of sea monsters have been spotted moving into the inland seas. This phenomenon at the center of Oquilla's Eye also spews up lost treasures from the depths of the ocean, so watch out for chests falling from the sky. You need 5 of the daily candies we are getting and turn them in to Techthon. New Island: Oquilla's Eye. Bave Ricksa is located inside the safe zone of Oquilla’s Eye. - Use Heating in the Processing window on Fiery Black Stone x10 and Starlight Crystal x1 to get Solar Black Stone x1. Removed the unfunctional button for BDO Wiki from the Guild House window. Different from regular ship items, the enhancement level of new ship equipment items will not decrease even if the enhancement fails. Please read more about it in the Guild Boss page. The message "Something strange is going on in the Eye of the Great Ocean." Note: However, there is a cooldown of 5 seconds when reefing and shaking out the sail. The Great Expedition extends the existing ocean content by adding additional maritime features to the Great Ocean content. Some barters will offer you materials that are needed for upgrading the new ship or ship equipment enhancement materials. Special Barters are barters which randomly occur by chance while using regular bartering. A strange natural phenomenon occurs at Oquilla's Eye every hour. You can supply food you have in your inventory to the ship as emergency rations. Once you complete the [Papua Crinea] Morio, Otter's Friend quest, you will be rewarded a Queekity Thumpity Moon Villager Transformation Scroll (1 Day). Due to the increasing demand for materials to upgrade ships, the Crow Merchants Guild will now provide separate bartering opportunities for them, called "ship material barter.". 50, talk to the Black Spirit to receive the quest Vigorous Velia.The [The Great Expedition] Oquilla's Eye quest chain will introduce you to various features and locations added with The Great Expedition. Once you go beyond Margoria, you will start to encounter Nineshark, Candidum, and Black Rust. Complete the quest and receive different rewards which will help you in upgrading a sailboat or frigate into a caravel or galleass, in addition to a large amount of Sailing EXP and Crow Coins. Show/hide full quest… ● If you lose the permanent transformation scrolls for the above Papus and Otters, you can go to NPC Benns Moanna or Benns Morio (depending on the species you want to transform into) and pay them two Benns Coins. The Volley skill can be used with the following ships: Epheria Caravel, Epheria Galleass, and Epheria Carracks (Advance, Balance, Volante, Valor). You can transform into the following Otters and Papus with the help of the Darkcloud Shapeshifting Dictionary from the Lamute Gang. You can sell Lv. Keep in mind that some classes, such as Archer, Shai or Guardian, have small … The number of the transformation scroll (1 Day) will increase as the Stoneback Crab quest's difficulty increases. The ship will not move until you press the Depart button. ♦ Epheria Carrack: Balance - It is the most balanced of the Epheria Carracks in terms of its maximum stats. You can check the Crow Coins that you have obtained on the bottom of the weight bar in your inventory. Meanwhile, a strange current coming from the mysterious island, Oquilla's Eye, has caused bizarre sea creatures to drift to the innermost parts of Calpheon and Balenos and to threaten the citizens. - New large ships include: Bartali Sailboat, Epheria Caravel, Epheria Galleass, Epheria Carrack: Advance, Epheria Carrack: Balance, Epheria Carrack: Volante, and Epheria Carrack: Valor. If your character is above Lv. 58, the Black Spirit will offer the quest [Papua Crinea] An Amazing Gift Just for You that will introduce you to Grándiha, Papua Crinea and the thousand year war between the Papus and Otters. when he appears. After a few quests, you get a free “Ship License: Bartali Sailboat” item. Papus and Otters are at war with each other, so they do not trust outsiders. Islands in the ocean are full of Papu and Otter barterers who are competing with each other to barter with the adventurers. If the scroll is depleted or you lost it for some reason, you can always visit Benns Morio to purchase it again. In exchange for completing this daily you will get 1x Design: Epheria Sailboat OR 100k silver. You can receive the [For the Thousand Year War] Stoneback Crab Training raid quests from Benns Moanna (Papu) or Benns Morio (Otter) at Bloodshed Beach for 5 days (1 quest per day) as you progress through the [Papua Crinea] quests. At Chiro's Ship Part Workshop you can craft the 16 new blue grade Epheria ship parts as well as Sunset Black Stone which is needed to enhance them. Many say they witnessed waterspout rising from the center of Oquilla's Eye, but no one knows why this happens. Below you can find a list of the quests that make up Oquilla's Eye's quest chain. Both the Epheria Caravel and the Epheria Galleass have a larger weight limit, more cabins for sailors, more inventory slots and a larger max amount of rations than both the base Epheria Sailboat/Frigate and their improved designs. The Sky Reflected in the Eyes of the Otter. ... [Quest] How to Obtain a Sealed Accessory!” button from the Black Spirit … Barter items will be destroyed when large ships are destroyed or when remotely collected. When the sail is opened up, the ship is affected by the ocean winds. Hope I get some barter items if I happen to see the random event popping up again, I think it's because Potatofist got the worse possible reward out of that box, I'm just over here wondering how you get a fine accessory box III. Use the Search Barter Information window on the right bottom of the World Map (M) to see the barter information at a glance. You could get seriously injured if you're in the water when this happens, due to the power of the rising water. Ravinia, who has revealed herself at Crow's Nest, offers a variety of quests. will be displayed every 3 hours. When you board your ship, you will be provided with information on the strength and direction of both ocean current and wind. - Use Heating in the Processing window on Frosted Black Stone x10 and Starlight Crystal x1 to get Lunar Black Stone x1. They won't affect your ship as much when near the coastline, but will become a lot stronger as you venture further from the coast and out into the sea. Blue Caravel Prow +10 에페리아 무역선: 황동 선수상 x1: Buy and enhance. The number of barter refresh points consumed when using the Barter Refresh function depends on the number of barters you have left for that day. Vell spawns on … You cannot attack them with a normal character. A Fishing Trip. You can view the conditions for the following quests through the newly added "[Sailing Mastery] Sailing to the Ends of the Vast Ocean" tab from the Recurring tab of the Quests (O) window. - Cox Pirates' Artifact (Parley Beginner), - Deep Tide-Dyed Standardized Timber Square. Though they do not happen often, you can exchange a very expensive