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Sharing is Caring, GlobeNewswire. Over the course of the 36-month contract, you'll pay close to $1,300. Almost anyone can become a customer. With that said, Alder does require a one-time activation fee of $49, plus your first month’s bill for monitoring and equipment financing. Once we finished those steps, the rest of the process was a breeze. But we know a better way: use some adhesive velcro instead ($3 at Walmart). This worked out to $44.99 per month for the monitoring package we purchased, but your mileage may vary. We figured Alder might do the trick to keep burglars at bay and keep us safe in our home. Sometimes we don’t want to see ‘Ring’ every time we leave the house. Alder doesn’t include a base station, which is a critical component with most systems. Simplicity is one of Alder’s key selling points, and it showed during our tests. We felt safer knowing that someone was watching our doors for us even if a burglar picked our locks or we forgot to lock our doors, which has happened before. Security cameras were the only exceptions. You need video monitoring with free video storage — Alder’s security cameras can stream live videos to your smartphone and store motion events locally and on the cloud. Alder Security. Keypad? Cameras Verify Rep. Support. For instance, we didn’t like the limited camera options and smart home features. Video doorbell camera 9. Alder Security. We did find some kinks in Alder’s software, especially with their app. Now let’s talk about the individual components we received. He also served as an Arson Investigator, where he cracked the case of a serial arsonist, and made the arrest and prosecuted the would-be bomber of ABC-7 Studio in LA. Business Profile. Each camera took about three minutes to set up with the help of in-app instructions. Now, you’re probably wondering how we managed to install all those components in 15 minutes. Some cities do require alarm verification by a security guard before dispatching5 the police. SecureNet. Vivint and Alder home security systems offer homeowners effective and reliable home security. All the components we discussed so far are proprietary, which means Alder is the only one using them. During our controlled tests (don’t worry, we didn’t burn down our house), Alder’s smoke alarm alerted us faster than our traditional smoke alarms three out of three times. Gotta catch those Z’s! If you don’t buy your equipment upfront, then you’ll be asked to sign a 42-month contract for equipment financing. Like the indoor camera, Kami detected motion events and alerted us of such. But there’s a couple of things to note here. I am not the only one. Instead, the touchscreen panel works double-duty as your control center and smart hub, which we love to see. With Alexa, we were able to arm our system and check its arming status with our voice using our Amazon Echo Dot smart speaker. Then, when she finally hung up, the siren started blaring again. The 30-day money-back guarantee didn't hurt, either! Thankfully, once we plugged in the touchscreen panel, the install wizard walked us step-by-step through the process. With a minimalist design but powerful hardware, the YI Technology camera was our go-to device for checking our house. Is the Touchscreen Control Panel any good? Get the inside scoop on jobs, salaries, top office locations, and CEO insights. All in all, we spent less than 10 minutes setting up the touch screen panel and sensors. However, seeing that the app is brand new, we imagine Alder will work out the kinks over the next several months. the customer). Well, the touchscreen control panel is all those in one. Looking back on our experience, we can honestly say that Alder delivered on their promise of a simple yet fast-acting security system. Alder is a good place to learn how to sell alarms but not a good place to make money. You’re on a tight budget — You can get a base system for free, with a three-year contract of course. So whenever we had a false alarm going off, it took us an extra 5-10 seconds to put in our PIN and wait for the app to load. Find out what works well at Alder from the people who know best. The device felt heavy in our hands and weighed about as much as a small watermelon. During the day, we plugged it into a wall outlet to keep it powered and to recharge its batteries. Our Alder kit came with a handful of sensors and that handsome 7” touchscreen panel you see below. Alder went with a red and yellow interface, which really doesn’t work (at least for us) with their blue and white branding. Is it a tablet? I think Alder is a very good company. The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) now offers customers the option to purchase alder entry doors certified as s… Of course, we decided to install the system ourselves. So what’s our recommendation? We think the sensors compare well to Ring Alarm (2nd Gen) sensors — though Ring sensors are better looking in our opinion. Mobile security app (Android and iOS) 12. Learn More, We may receive compensation from some providers listed on this page. Flood detection 11. Our kit cost $450 and included the following equipment: Note that you’ll have to call Alder to order, as they don’t list products or prices on their website. With this in mind, we were looking for a user-friendly security system with a modern twist. To satisfy our curious minds, we purchased an Alder security system along with a monitoring contract. The agent we spoke with was very knowledgeable. See how the outdoor camera works The advantage of outdoor security cameras Alder Security offers home security systems for people wanting basic coverage. No, we were told that Alder allows self-monitoring for free. Get support for your Alder home security systems through email or over the phone. My Account. Alder does sell an indoor and outdoor camera made by Yi Technologies, but these cameras don’t really integrate into the Alder system. We may earn compensation from some providers below. Just don’t use the call feature for any other purpose. These devices are like full-on tablets, whereas the Alder panel is more limited in functionality. The company, founded in 2008, grew rapidly due to the aggressive door to door sales. In particular, Alder claims to have recorded an average response rate 10 times faster1 than other monitored alarm companies. It glues well and can be sanded to a smooth finish. Great job! Read our. We mostly controlled our Alder system with the key fob. All fairly standard… so far. Check out our latest break-down of Alder’s pricing here. We simply followed their Quick Setup Guide and got finished in about 15 minutes, just in time for the pizza we ordered! Rather than buying additional door/window sensors, we opted to be creative and use the motion sensor instead. We are able to turn out large volumes of alder that are consistent and predictable," Miller explains. Highly recommended! Both devices are solid, with features like 1080p HD resolution,3 night vision, smartphone controls, and two-way talk. As we mentioned above, Alder doesn’t list their equipment or monitoring prices on their website. Use those if you’re having trouble with the installation. For instance, we didn’t like the limited camera options and smart home features. They are also known for their fast response times. With that said, Geno from Alder tech support told us we couldn’t integrate the cameras into Alder’s app. You can do so on the touchscreen panel under Settings > System > Test System > Sensor Signal Walk Test. So if you’re considering one of these DIY systems, it might be worth it to hop on a call with one of Alder’s sales reps. All things considered, it’s not a bad solution for home security. It also requires constant power, so we had to mount it near a standard outlet. With its month-to-month service plan and DIY installation options, Alder is a nice option for renters. And since Alder is 100% cellular-based — using 4G LTE cellular monitoring2 — we felt that our signal was reliable and our system was always connected. STAY CONNECTED FROM ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD Receive real-time alarm status and arm or disarm your security system remotely. Compatible with Amazon Echo. (Accessed July 23, 2020). We actually appreciate the unbranded approach that Alder takes. With Alder, you have the option of using indoor home security cameras, outdoor home security cameras, or both. Pro Tip: Alder requires a phone consultation before you buy, which is a great opportunity to flex your negotiation skills. Alder's home security cost will total close to $1,500 over the course of the 36-month contract. This displays your most recent 200 activity messages (doors and windows being open and closed, alarm triggers, arms & disarms, panel tamper, etc.). Alder customers can also get a new security system free of charge when they move to another home. We think it works fine for basic intruder protection — but you’ll be missing out on things like video and smart home features. (2020). Basically, Alder promised us in writing that our rate will never increase for the first three years, one of the benefits of a long-term contract. Alder’s proprietary control panel that replaced the GC2 no longer has that capability. Falls Prevention Facts. Birmingham, AL 35209-6442., Sonitrol. So Alder gives a good first impression, but let’s see how it performs. And kudos to Alder for even offering this service, as most home security brands don’t have any medical alert options at all. Keyfob 2. While we’re on the topic of technology, Alder has a smartphone app called Alder Security, which served as our control panel away from home. So we’ll give them time to iron it out. Instead of waiting for smoke to appear, it alerted us as soon as a rapid increase in the temperature was detected. With the person detection feature, we cut down on false alarms. What is 4G LTE? Their sensors sport a slim profile, and we thought the touchscreen control panel was extremely well made. After all, we love having smartphone controls — it’s how we prefer to manage our home security and smart home equipment. These DIY security systems are slightly more expensive than top-rated brands like Ring and SimpliSafe. It’s only rated around 85 decibels (we normally want to see 110-120 dB), but the pitch is absolutely ear-piercing. This speaks to the build quality (like a Rolex, sometimes the heavier the better!). We passed on the medical emergency button, but we purchased their smoke alarm, which was a little different than our existing ones. The control panel was always ready to arm with just one touch. FYI: Most DIY security systems are controlled primarily via mobile app. We also couldn’t view our live-feed on the Alder touchscreen control panel like we can with ADT, Vivint, and other brands. In addition to security monitoring, they offer video surveillance as well as medical alert and fire monitoring and motion detection. The technicians are young and seem to really care about working hard at making sure they are giving good customer service. Compare pay for popular roles and read about the team’s work-life balance. Medical Alert. This feature was helpful, especially since our camera faced a busy street. We didn’t need special tools or a computer to set it up. But it certainly gets the job done (we experienced 20 second response times on average). Burglar Alarm Systems. They also have video tutorials on how to use different features. On the other hand, we felt very secure in our home, knowing that Alder’s reliable 4G LTE cellular monitoring was always there for us, and that goes a long way. Home Security Life Safety Cameras Verify Rep. 855.497.7851. Well, during our tests, we found that the siren was louder than loud. The sensor showed up just fine on our control panel when we ran a connectivity test, but it couldn’t set off an alarm even when the system was armed. We’ve found that most folks plan to keep their systems in place for several years, so this shouldn’t be a deal-breaker. Victimization During Household Burglary. FYI: Alder’s website offers useful support articles and product documentation. Wanting to improve our home security we contacted Simon at Alder Security for advice and a quote. It’s a great feature to have, especially if you have little ones at home, or if you or your spouse leaves for work early in the morning. The central station called our registered phone number to check on us directly as well as speaking to us through the control panel itself. For the cost of their basic package, customers would be able to get a more customized option with other companies. Alder has a price-lock guarantee, so you can have peace of mind that your plan cost will not increase over time. Note that each entry sensor and motion sensor has double-sided tape for easy install. You can customize your activity log in “settings.”. So she could certainly hear anything that was spoken in our home during that time, which makes our spidey senses go off for privacy concerns. Moving right along. Alder’s monitoring contracts are at least three years, so we wanted to make sure their policies were not one-sided. The culprit? Pro Tip: There’s a nifty “envelope” icon in the top right corner of the home screen. Although we didn’t have any real emergencies while testing Alder, fortunately, we accidentally set off the alarm a couple of times, and the emergency response was straightforward. Check out the side-by-side snapshot below, with our Alder sensors on top and our Ring Alarm sensors on bottom. So we can’t quote you exact figures here. Not really. Although alder itself is not endangered or at-risk, many homeowners have concerns about the environmental impact their new door may have. The Good. For indoor video monitoring, we purchased the YI Technology indoor camera, and for outdoor use, we bought the Kami outdoor camera, both products by YI Technology.4 Let’s see if they’re up to snuff! When we accidentally triggered our alarm on more than one occasion, Alder called us in less than five seconds. Both Alder and ADT offer their clients professional 24/7 monitoring and a comprehensive range of home security equipment. It’s fast and easy, just like our car key/alarm. It has operations in all 50 states, it caters to everyone looking to protect their residence whether it's owned or being rented, and it doesn't require a certain credit score to avail its services. You’ll want to get cozy with the control panel, as you’ll be using it A LOT with Alder. Since you feel the need to do me wrong and not be clear on your contracts and bind me to something that I don't remember or think I was told or shown. It’s the little things. While Alder’s 3.4-second average response rate is impressive, it doesn’t always translate to a faster police response. We came across some eye-opening things during our hands-on experience with Alder. Carbon monoxide detector 4. Well, it also worked the other way around. We simply activated the Alder Alexa Skill6 to make the magic happen. My Account. One thing we found a little annoying was having to input our 4-digit PIN every time we wanted to open the app. We have one final piece of advice: Before consulting Alder over the phone, prepare a list of what you want from your security system, and stick to that list. Also, we really enjoyed using the touchscreen control panel, and everything was simple to set up and get started. Alder claims that setup only takes 10 minutes, but we beg to differ. We purchased a base system, which was free with a three-year monitoring agreement, as well as equipment upgrades to test out Alder’s cameras and other components. Alder offers free professional installation (another great thing about Alder, we might add), so that’s an option if you prefer having a technician come over to take care of everything. © Copyright 2020 a Centerfield Media Company. And if we’re being honest, the Alder app doesn’t deliver the best user experience. We really enjoyed using Alder’s 7” touchscreen control panel. Alder: Alexa Skills. A woman responder came through using the two-way voice and asked, “Is there an active emergency?” We told her no, and then she asked for our “safe word” and our name. As for the intercom part, we mentioned earlier that the central station contacted us through the touchscreen control panel.

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