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Kind of odd but he was so cute. 8. What name vil I giv for my male white bettafish he is soo beautiful?plz suggest sumthing for white…like sapphire nd azure for blue I need sumthing apt fa white too? Thanks! 1 Domestic animals: les animaux domestiques; pets: les animaux familiers; les animaux de compagnie; 2 Farm animals: les animaux de la ferme; 3 Sea creatures: les animaux de la mer. Despite their name, there is a wide array of goldfish types with different colors and patterns as well as fancy fin and tail styles. I think you made the right choice. Unfortunately, common names can refer to more than one fish. I named mine sythier. Our free guide can help keep your tank clean and your fish healthy. I was asking my daughter for help and said, I wanted a dog name because he’s like a puppy, and I wanted one that had had a rough life. Or Fire, Shadow, Dark, or Magic. Now you'll just need to be able to tell who is who in that school of fish. Lil Confuscious My blue betta is named Elvis ’cause he’s so flashy! He’s red with black around his eyes but a red face and very cheeky so we’ve called him Deadpool. I also have 3 Albino Cory Cats, 1 Otocinclus Dwarf Sucker and 1 Pepper Cory Catfish, The Bettas: Time warp! Im getting 3 so.. here are my ideas Claire deLune fish translation in English - French Reverso dictionary, see also 'fish cake',fish factory',fish farm',big fish', examples, definition, conjugation 2. 206 Super-cute Names for Pairs of Pets That Go Well Together. They also look beyond U.S. borders to see what names moms and dads in other countries are choosing for their newborns. it shows all these amazing names and mine is just named bob, I have a male betta named king grumpy nugget, Well Columbia is kinda off for me but I kinda like magenta. If he or she is a super fast lightning swimmer you may want to name them Turbo for example. Firecracker I’m naming my xenis I thought of the name when I saw xenia. Make sure to put them in a tank and those are beautiful names! I wanna call mine, Nami (Japanese for wave), sushi, chi or Saki (Japanese for destination). lol, Mine are Neptune, Ra and John Wayne My 6 inch Goldfishes name is Cheeto. Choose the name that best fits your fish's type, coloring, and personality, or get creative and invent your own unique name using the suggestions as inspiration. Now you'll just need to be able to tell who is who in that school of fish. Other names of this fish are pla-kad and trey krem. Also really funny and aggressive. 1. Petset is your one-stop shop for maximum cuteness - from adorable cat and dog photos and videos to informative pet-tastic articles, we got it all!We're also a fantastic resource for celebrity pet interviews and pet names for finding that perfect name for you new rescue pet. , I named my Betta fish Neptune like the Roman god of the sea, I just got a clear- white fish with pink fins. This is a list of common fish names.While some common names refer to a single species or family, others have been used for a confusing variety of types; the articles listed here should explain the possibilities if the name is ambiguous. Having troubles finding one for my new black little guy. Your Betta your choice though. :):):):):):):):):):), Make sure to put it in a 2.5 or bigger tank, not a bowl. Bettas are from Thailand and our fish is white. That name is way better . Pepper Cory Cat: Because Rosado is pink in spanish. And Cantelope my blue beautiful boy RIP . Antonio Betteras! Well I named mine Vanilla because she was white, but now she is plenty of colors. Boba Fett Want to name your fish in honor of a make-believe fish? Get it free when you sign up for the Spruce Pets. My mum named him! You know silver for sonic forces , I just got a black and green bata I can’t for the life of me figure out a name. Bash (Bashful) First time fish. The following are French nicknames for guys and girls from nature. I love the name Raven for a black betta, Angel for white, I really want a betta! People love to have fun with their pet fish names, the most common being Nemo and Goldie. I’m wondering if it’s stylish to have a purse fish? I’ve had several betta over the years, Buddy, Masta Betta, Ruda Betta, Darth Betta, Crimson Fin & my newest is Finnegan. Our Blue Female Betta is named December because we got her for Christmas! I got a white male betta for my 15 gallon tank today named Hamilton. Or… If you have a pair of fish like guppies … Three I haven’t named yet. Am I supposed to be able to read that or do I need to put it into google translate? I just got a purplish betta fish. I named my blue male betta Poseidon and my purplish female Athena. Bout de chou (U) ‒ Little cabbage, a nickname for the small and big ones 2. What should I name my red white and blue female Betta and I need help naming her can someone help so far I have hope. Junior I like jelly bean for a betta I also like betta fett. My fish is always at the top of the tank that is normal the air is helping them breath but to answer your question yes they are normally kind of hungry, Why not the names Gills or Gill and Pepper, Coral (my previous fishes name) , Fin, Comet, Remedy, Kiwi, Kiki, and Emerald, I just got a beautiful betta but I want it healthy and happy it’s so sad when they die you feel so bad I ❤️ my new friend Please help is it true that they need heaters because I had healthy and happy girl betta she’s still alive it’s been two years I moved and gave her to a freind she’s never had a heater : Note my new one is a male scene I’ve moved they have all died: Note my new one is still alive HELP. I like the name Oscar in the Niddles but I am I name one frozen because of the new frozen coming out. Glitch. I was wondering what name would be good for a black betta with a blue shine also its a male, please rely back of you know of a good name!, How about Stardust, Bruiser, Dusty, Shimmer or Glimmer. Carbonite I have a blue beta fish named Neptune- like the planet because I really like space. I have 2 males 1 all blue named Zuma (he zoom swims around his tank and 1 all red named Merlin. So we call him Mookie Betta. So exited!!! , I thing Funky , Fibbles and Mr.Bubbly are good names., I think that stella or melody are good names for female fish. Male Pet Fish Names Names for aquarium pets. I feel like I would name a blue Betta swim shady or Dory, I named mine Flash! Not only will you want to choose an appropriate name, but you'll also want to find out more about how to care for your fish. Mon Coeur – a French pet name meaning “my heart” Petit Chou – a French pet name meaning “little cabbage” Buah Hatiku – an Indonesian pet name meaning “fruit of my heart” Oddball Pet Names. He is a beauty. And why shouldn't your goldfish have an awesome name? Our two names were I have 2 cats, Ace and Sunshine, 2 dogs, Dakota and Kia, 1 parrot, Scarlet, 4 horses, Starlight, Caramel, Ginger, and Lucky, 2 pigs, Queen and King, 5 hamsters, Alaska, Snowflake, Dumpling, Carob, and Struedel, one turtle, Forest, 1 cow, Milky, 1 cameleon, Cactus, 1 ferret, Sappire, 2 bunnies, Hopps and Carrot, and 10 chickens, Princess (only one is named because it’s mine and will not become food, and 2 mice, Mickey and Minnie. After the list of pet shop names, I reveal the 8 Vital Do’s and Don’ts of Naming Your Pet Shop Biz , which is followed by the Greatest Pet Shop Slogans Ever . Whether it's a betta, a clownfish, or a guppy, you'll be sure to find a unique, funny, cute, or plain fish name for your scaled, aquatic friend in this list. Exactly. I named my little guy Beethoven. The fish I named that was very hardy!! My favorite betta fish, Norman Bates (Betta) from Phsyco Mine live in m 2.5 and 10 gallons and they live super long, Mine is khal drogo (my blue betta male) and when am soo in luv with him I call him vaavachu, Hey! Wow how can u afford to feed all them critters? He stood out to me. You look like James Murray from impractical jokers. All comments are moderated before going live. I named my Teal Betta Fish Fitzwilliam Darcy from Pride and Prejudice. Seafood is extremely popular in French cuisine, and the Catholic tradition of eating fish on a Friday still lingers in some areas of France, particularly on the French coast where fishing is still a part of daily life.. It’s a great name. He’s a really small White Betta so I thought that that name would be perfect fit. This is our fave category of all the ones listed! Names that mean fish, sea, ocean, seaman, water, wet, of the sea, gem of the sea, etc. I had a red betta I named Skippy because fish can’t skip and the name felt ironic and funny. Chill, people can buy as much animals as they want as long as they take care of them, Only if you can take care of them and not make them have a bad life. I like Snow flake for a girl and Finely MicFinerson (your last name) that is wat I named my fish or are there any other suggestions…, Or of they swim fast then Flash did I mention I am a superhero addict…, I usually name my fish after the superhero’s secret identity, like Bruce (for batman) and Barbara (for Batgirl), Mine is passing away now but I have a new one I got today to ease the transition-, My betta’s names are; Bruce (like batman), Opal, Lulu, Cherry, Harley (like Harley Quinn), Barbara (like Batgirl), and last but not least Pearl. There are plenty of options! Punny names. Betsy (Ross) Satori is Japanese term in reference to defending yourself. We just found a great Betta. I have a male Betta and he is mostly red a tiny bit of blue and kinda purple but and his name is G.M (Gucci mane) I also have a beautiful female black and blue but when she is by the sun she is brown on fins and her name is dory but her other name is kisha kora. He is a black orchid crowntail male. Choufleur (M) ‒ Cauliflower, more manly than the little cabbage 5. ‘Fin’eas and ‘Gil’gamesh or Gilly for short have been my favorites so far, i have one dragon scale male betta red and white and named him syther. I want a name like Spike. I love those names. I DO! It’s no wonder we want to give them a meaningful name the moment we get them home. Two of the suggested fish names were Scarlett O’Herring & Rhett Bubbler. I was thinking ibis, bepper, kile, tandrum, scamp, klyde, harper, bailey, tess, quincy, and cooper. my other is a halfmoon male betta blueish white color with yellow tiped fins so his name is GOHAN. I always wanted to name my dead dog.sapphire. They are S’s…I ᒪIKE ᕼᑌᗷᗷᒪE ᗩᑎᗪ SPIᖇT I ᕼᗩᐯE ᗩ TEᗩᒪ ᗩᑎᗪ ᗷᒪᑌE/GᖇEEᑎ ᗷETᗩ ᑎᗩᗰEᗪ ᒍᗩSᑭEᖇE (ᖴEᗰᗩᒪE). le chien – dog le chat- cat le poisson rouge – gold fish le chiot – puppy le chaton – kitten le hamster – hamster l’oiseau (m) – bird la perruche – parakeet Sans (My daughter’s fish) Let’s do The Time Warp again!! Alpha I named him jaws. that was the reason i picked him, I have a female named suki and two boys one being a dragon tail betta named Aikio and a veiltail named corona, I have a veiltail named Doug and I like the two male names. Slash I wish I had that many pets! I ᒪIKE ᕼᑌᗷᗷᒪE ᗩᑎᗪ ᔕᑭIᖇT I ᕼᗩᐯE ᗩ TEᗩᒪ ᗩᑎᗪ ᗷᒪᑌE/GᖇEEᑎ ᗷETᗩ ᑎᗩᗰEᗪ ᒍᗩᔕᑭEᖇE (ᖴEᗰᗩᒪE). I had a Blue male Betta named Cobalt and he passed a year ago. I mean, it’s a male, but Charlie’s a gender neutral name. 4 boys 2 girls. get it lol), Cirrus, Cream, Cumulus, Divinity, Ethereal, Frost, Glacier, Marshmallow, Pale, Purity, Starshine, Stellar ☺. How Long Do Betta Fish Live? I know I can convince my sister to name him that because she is really into the Greek Gods and especially likes Poseidon so thanks for the wonderful idea! Shocktop stays in the corner alllllll the time. Along with Nemo and Goldie, other popular goldfish names include Ariel, Captain, Minnie, Moby, Coral, and Blue. 3. Is Your Fish Omnivore, Herbivore or Carnivore? We’ve examined various Disney–inspired names for your future child, so it’s fitting that we’re finally giving you a list of Disney-inspired names for your pet, which, let’s be real, is essentially the equivalent of many people’s non-human child. Their names are Blue(Female crown tail), Fade(Female crown tail “fades from blue to green”), Dots(Female koi orange, black, and white), Alby(Female white dragon scale), and Dragon(Female white and red dragon scale), My male bettas name is Connor from Detroit become Human and my crowntail female betta is named named north also from Detroit become Human and my Dumbo Halfmoon female betta is named Mushu, I named my male Betta Prince and my sister named her female Betta Tina (because she was tiny when she bought her), i named my betta blue moon cuz hes dark blu I’m going to get a betta.don’t know what to name it. John Quincy I am getting a new beta fish and u helped me with names, You can name your fish sushi,Nacho or cookie. Juno Eclipse (female) I just got 2 boys. Tickle ❤, I’m gonna get a betta hopefully a male black crowntail because I’ll name him venom . Dash While a purist may feel that fish should only get fish names, these other ocean-going creatures have some pretty great names too: If you're looking for a giggle, these fish names may be perfect for your pet. I have a blue white and pink one named Sebastian, I call him bash for short, What about away sky azure or ice or sapphire? Some of these sund to girly though, but I really like storm dewdrop and snowdrop. Love them both. Plus, your pets have super cute names! ❤❤❤❤❤, My betta fish are named Galaxy, constilation, zippy, and Neptune. For my handsome blue, white and red butterfly betta, I somehow settled on the name Lennox. They’re all so cute! Alternatively, if you got your betta fish in the summer, maybe names like Sunshine or Sunny would be a perfect fit. I have a teal Betta fish that I named Jaws because when he looks at me head on he looks like a shark. Silver tabby 52. Dog names inspired by French foods If you are infatuated with French cuisine, give your pup a name that will warm your tummy (and make you hungry to visit the country). Band names, music artists, and movie characters like Nemo are also popular areas for inspiration. I have 3 betta fish. Aquamarine- sushi- aquata- tiger- mako- trident- flare- Finn- Neptune- Atticus- I like heaven and dream for a white Betta Fish, I’m naming mine if it’s blue then topaz and if it’s anything else then mr.nibbles (nibbles) Bubbles. I have a red, white, and blue halfmoon betta and his name is Julio (July in Spanish), My first betta was red and blue and his name was Myran, but when he passed away i got a pink fish and i named him Alberto, I have 3 bettas, 2 females sky and scarlet and 1 male sapphire, and i spoil my fishies too much, sapphire is a huge betta, he enjoys being in a tank with 2 other fish(goldfish) he’s a little over 4 cm long and the females i just got and their really small, 2 dogs, 1 cat , 3 vailed camilons, 2 turtles ,19 mice, and 1 beta fish, Emerald, Coral, Gill, Gills, Gem, Jewel, Crystal, Fin, Remedy, Pepper, Spike, And Star, I named my betta Ponyo. (Icy Fire Lucky) My first name I came up with was Dash since he was really fast! I named my blue betta Aquarius after the constellation. And you commented this on my birthday! My beta fish is named Bubbalicious. OOOO I like dream for a white Betta or heaven ???? If you have 15 pets, you DO NOT need more. I don’t know what to name him. His name is Ruff. You know from Harry Potter? he has yellow tiped fins. Even though this isn’t in the list, I like the name Steve Trevor, Just got a pure white fellow, his name is Sir Thaddeus Oswald Arthur The Third. <3 plus its my birthstone! Cotton Candy (C.C.) Gill - A part of a fish used for breathing in water. Betta fish are known for their vibrant colors, beautiful fins, and awesome personalities. Do they ALWAYS act like they are starving? Otocinclus Dwarf Sucker: Helm - The mechanism that steers the ship 2. I bought a new butterfly betta fish today and I named him Zamasu. So 33 in all.

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