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Monster Knowledge is also granting additional benefits while fighting your foe: S Rank Increases the Chance for Rare Items. Every Sunday between 12:00 PM and 1:00 PM CET/PST (EU/NA servers respectively) the boss will appear in the Margoria, North of Lema Island. - This Monster Zone features an unique security system with different levels of increasing difficulty (explained blow). Problem is, I don't know which monsters drop it, and a google search didn't help either. Grinding monster knowledge can be extremely useful, as has a major impact on your battling this monsters in the future. 60 ~ 64 monsters. The Benefits of Knowledge in BDO. Knowledge Ranks. This is an Investment Guide and explains economics, value investing, and the market for Black Desert Online NA Server. Secondly, it counts towards your special fame score which I won’t discuss here, but you can read all about it on the page linked, and thirdly it can boost your chance of looting rare items.. Increasing your energy pool Fluid extracted from the bodies of sea monsters. since i am planning to get a caravel for bartering, i have to farm sea monster ooze. However, for more information on the Epheria Sailboat, Epheria Frigate and Guild Galley, please visit our Ships guide. Knowledge of monsters is graded from C up to S rank. Heraku, Ocean Stalker, Nine Shark, Candidum) have the normal Sea monster neidans and their exclusive drops (e.g. Someone claimed that hungry hekarus have a chance to drop them, but he said that it did only once. A+ Increasing your damage even further. Features - This is no mere continuation of the Hasrah Ancient Ruins, so do not enter it expecting the same kind of difficulty. The sea monster loot has been adjusted, and no longer reward as much guild funds as before. So far only ocean stalker were able to drop them for me. Mostly Lv. Sea Monsters and Hurricanes/Phantom Ships Sea Monsters Sea Monsters spawn in certain areas in the Margoria ocean. BDO Knowledge Database Margoria Sea (1 Energy) knowledge group for energy. In this patch guide I will go into detail about the sea monsters and other updates brought this patch. Every Sunday between 12:00 PM and 1:00 PM CET/PST (EU/NA servers respectively) Vell will break from its seal and appear in the Margoria, North of Lema Island. Knowledge has three main benefits in BDO. Heraku’s Spike) replaced with items that are equivalent in value to the Young Sea Monster’s counterpart. First, it is the manner in which you increase your energy pool. To a monster that is not in the list of knowledge, you can pave an auto path that leads directly to the place where the desired monster appears. Blancy (Sea Node Manager) Bilao (Sea Node Manager) Jango (Sea Node Manager) Kio (Sea Node Manager) Baki (Sea Node Manager) Anaki (Sea Node Manager) Anaki (Sea Node Manager) Tarima (Sea Node Manager) Leman Hesse (Sea Node Manager) Ringboff (Sea Node Manager) Ronde Greyfang (Sea Node Manager) Ian Hunt (Sea Node Manager) Sagotts (Sea Node Manager) There is a superstition among sailors that if the extracts of the sea monsters are mixed with the materials for the construction or upgrading of vessels, sea monsters would regard the ship as their kin and thus make less attack. Monster Knowledge is helpful in more than one way as it is not only showing you your enemies detailed HP bar and increasing your maximum energy. Way to get knowledge Adventure Like the knowledge in the Academics section, Adventure knowledge is unlocked with a story-driven quest and hidden knowledge hidden all over the world in Black Desert Mobile. Please allow some time for this enormous monster to make its way to the ocean surface. Regular sea monsters (e.g. 30 minutes before Vell breaks free, there will be an alert message for all servers. Vell will be making its first appearance this Sunday in Black Desert Online.Here is what you need to know to defeat it. Spawn Time & Location. Menu ... 2020 Gathering 2020 Cooking 2020 Processing Legacy BDO. – Usage: ※ It is used to craft Graphite Ingot for Upgrade, Timber for Upgrade, or Adhesive for Upgrade.

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